Why does my Analytics just show Pinterest as the full referrer?

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Do you watch your analytics closely, and regularly check the full referrer, and see things like “Pinterest”, Pinterest.com, or Pinterest/Social. This can be frustrating when you are trying to figure out which pin is sending you traffic.

You can check the landing page, and see which post specifically is getting the traffic, but that doesn’t show you which pin. I have 2 methods I use, to see the full pin url.

1st method, setup Document Referrer in your Analytics.

Unfortunately you cannot go backwards in time for this setting, so it will only show going forward in your Google Analytics.

Here is my post on setting up Document Referrer.

2nd method, check Wordfence Live Traffic

If you use the security plugin Wordfence, they have have this awesome feature of showing you the live traffic on your website. So what you can do is search for the landing page url, and see which pin url comes out most often.

screenshot live traffic url

Here is an example of the Wordfence live traffic report, showing the Pinterest full referrer for this visitor.

screenshot of wordfence traffic

I hope that helps you to track down which of your pins are still sending you traffic when Google Analytics doesn’t show the full referrer url for the Pinterest Traffic.

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