Things to Consider Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

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Ever browser another blogger’s site and think WOW, I love that theme. You look it up and just know you gotta have it for your site now!

But, have you stopped to think of all the changes and customization you’ve applied to your current theme?

Some bloggers go days or even weeks with no Google Analytics data because they’ve changed themes and forgot to move the code and don’t check Google Analytics often.

Or you’ve got specific styling configured for a landing page on your theme’s additional CSS.

Not to mention, things will look all over the place at first while you get the new theme perfectly setup and configured. So, you don’t want to test and make these changes on your live site where you visitors will wonder what is going on, so you will want to use a staging site to prepare your new theme.

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Free Checklist points to check before changing your wordpress theme

Have you setup Amazon Onelink? Without the code you may miss out on international sales.

Do you have Pinterest Rich Pins setup? One blogger in my circle recently had her traffic drop substantially when she accidentally turned off Rich Pins when changing themes. OUCH!

Don’t let that be you.



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