Someone Stole My Pin Image, What Do I Do?

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We had the unfortunate experience recently of finding that someone stole a few of our pins for our popular blog posts on Pinterest. It is like a gut punch to see this display of blatant theft. In our case they also stole our entire blog posts, word for word. So, what do you do when this happens.

How do you identity a stolen pin?

On the smart feed on Pinterest, if you hover over a pin, you’ll see the the black button at the bottom that shows the url (screenshot below), I check that against the url or website name on the pin, if they don’t match in the majority cases this is a stolen pin. I say majority, as it might be that someone changed their domain name.

Screenshot of Wrong URL on PIN vs Pin image

Your blog does not need to be registered as a business for you to file the copyright DMCA claim. If you or someone you know created the Pin image for you and the person using it has not been given permission to use it, then you can follow these steps if you choose to do so.

This is one of our old pins, that I actually really do not like anymore, I almost felt bad to report it. You will see that the blog name on the pin, in this case we were just putting our site name “Abundant Blogger” at the bottom. But the website url it is pointing too, is something else entirely.

Screenshot of a Stolen Pin Image

How do you deal with a stolen pin on Pinterest

1st File a DMCA Copyright claim on Pinterest

For your Pin images, they are likely grabbing pins that are driving traffic, and you will want to put a stop to this quickly. Open the Pin image on Pinterest, then click the three dots above the image. From here you will see options like “hide”, “report”

Here is more information on filing the Pinterest Copyright claim directly on Pinterest:
Pinterest Copyright DMCA Information
Pinterest Copyright by email

Screenshot 1 of how to report pin

This will bring up the options on why you are reporting this pin.

Screenshot this is my intellectual property

You will then be asked if it is a trademark or a copyright that has been violated.

Screenshot of selecting trademark or copyright

Once you make this selection you will be taken to the copyright form. You will need to fill in all fields. Since this information can also be provided to the one who stole your pin, I prefer to use the PO box address, and for the phone number, I setup a free message line using Text Plus from the Google Play store, and picked a number where a message can be left for me. Now if you don’t use the phone number in 30 days, it is taken back to the pool to be used by someone else. You can opt to pay a 5.00/month fee to keep the number. I’m undecided if we will do that or just make sure to use it a few times a month. You can check them out here

The copyright form looks like this, you need to fill in your information as it is a legal request.

Screenshot of Fill in the Copyright form

Screenshot of identifying your work on the form

If you are using the Pinterest Form, the “Identify the allegedly infringing material on Pinterest” part is usually filled in for you with the stolen pin url.

The first checkbox to remove all – will remove ALL the pins with the same image/text of the same size, even your valid pins. This option is for Copyright holders who want all copies as possible removed from Pinterest that is a Copyright violation.

If you are blogger using Pinterest for Traffic, in most cases do not check this box to “remove all”.

The second box is the option to “strike”. There are going to be innocent Pinterest users who just accidentally pinned the stolen image. If you stumble upon their copy of the stolen pin, most likely you do not want to “Strike” their account. However, if you open the profile and see a multitude of stolen pins; which is what happened in our case each time, then you can choose to put a strike against their account.

The bottom part of the form has some boxes you need to check to agree with the short statements, make sure to read them over and if you agree, then check the boxes.

Then for your signature you are asked to type in your name. Once done, look over the form to make sure it is correct and then click submit. You will see a confirmation like this from Pinterest with your confirmation number if all submitted as expected.

Screenshot of Ugly stolen pin confirmation

I write down or save a screenshot of the confirmation. Pinterest will email you once they have had a chance to deal with the Copyright request.

That about wraps up this post. Have you dealt with stolen pins? If so, did you decide to report them or did you find you that it wasn’t a good use of your time? Please let us know in the comments, so we can see your opinion.



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