How We More Than Doubled Our Traffic With Pinterest

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If like me, you have been working hard to gain traffic by improving your Pinterest Strategy and SEO, you’ll know just how crazy it is to more than double your traffic in one month. We have been blogging since January 2018 on our main blog, and the traffic has been slowing increasing each month, till now.

This can be very hard on your morale to keep going with only small, slow results. So when we had our best traffic day recently we decided we needed to celebrate, we thought about going for dinner. Unfortunately due to road crews clearing snow in front of our home, creating mountains of snow down the middle of the road, we were pretty much trapped at home.

So instead we had homemade Mexican dinner at home and wasted time together being excited checking in our on analytics as the number of viewers on our site grew moment by moment to just over 3000 page views by the end of the day. Our most popular pin had been saved/repinned to over 50 boards in one night. Beyond amazing from our past results.

Just for fun, we’ll include these numbers, since we know they are less important than clicks to our site: our Pinterest Monthly viewers for our profile is up over 400K from 300K and the monthly engaged is over 15K now.

Blog Post: 3 Pinterest Tricks by Jennifer Ledbetter

How We Exploded our Pinterest Traffic

So now you might be wondering, what exactly did we do to explode our traffic, and go from around 100 per day to over 600 per day in the last couple weeks on Pinterest? The truth is, it is a secret I learned from Carly Campbell’s Pinterest Strategies Course.

I had tried and tried for a few months to save myself the small cost of the course and try to guess her Pinterest Strategy, from small tidbits here and there shared by others who were in the course in her awesome Facebook group. But not one of them let the cat out of the bag. Honestly, I likely cost our blog in growth by wasting so much time trying to figure it out on my own.

Once I finally gave in and purchased Carly’s Course I had the one key ingredient I was missing on my own. I am using this strategy daily now.

What’s more, I have emptied my Tailwind queue and stopped using Tailwind to schedule my pins to Pinterest. I am undecided if I will cancel my plan, but from the results we are seeing we are doing much better with pinning manually on Pinterest.

What’s even more amazing is that we have seen an upswing in the number of hits of our affiliate links and we have started to make some sales.

having trouble gaining traction on pinterest this secret strategy doubled our traffic - Custom dimensions

Traffic Reports

So here is our January 2019 Traffic showing the page views for the month:
Screenshot of January 2019 Analytics Pinterest

Here is our February 2019 Traffic report showing page views for the month:
Screenshot of February 2019 Analytics Pinterest

Yes that’s right, our best traffic month to date happened in February the shortest month of the year.

Advice going forward

What advice do I have to grow your traffic quickly through Pinterest.

  1. Setup your Business account and enable Rich pins (see my post on how here)
  2. Make sure your boards, board descriptions, pins and pin descriptions and profile description all are keyworded well.
  3. Use clear, bold text on your pins, and set your pin images to be at least 1000x1500px tall. This is the example size Pinterest lists on their Creative Best Practices page now and the size we are now using.
  4. Make sure your image and text, titles encourage users to click through.
  5. Pin consistently.
  6. Of course to buy Carly’s Pinterest Strategies course.
  7. If you are not yet ready to go for a paid course, I understand, we’ve been there, we waited months knowing about her course before we took action. Check out our free blogging resources page, there are free Pinterest Courses that can get you moving in the right direction on Pinterest.

The chapter in the Pinning Strategies course that helped me tremendously was specifically on Carly’s Manual Pinning Strategy. I believe we had all the other ingredients down for our Pinterest strategy and it was the one key secret we were missing.



What do I use to make my pins?

You may be surprised at this, I use a free website called to edit and create my pins. They have several custom design options and preset sizes for sharing on Social Media. Crello also has paid options available, but so far the free account has worked perfect for us.

To create Pins, I will normally copy one of my previous pins and edit it, it is much faster this way and all my fonts and size settings are there.

For custom fonts, check out Font Squirrel there have free and paid fonts available.

I upload the custom fonts into Crello to use on my pins, always check that the licensing is free for commercial use if you are going to use it for marketing on your pins.

Since January of this year we have switched to using paid stock photos for our pin images, this is another suggestion that may really help you to gain some traction.

Additional Pinterest Resources Your May like

My blogging friend says this book is “just gold!” I asked her what part she liked best and she said all of it! Precision Pinning, by Tracie Fobes.

What is PIQ? It is the latest trending strategy in Pinterest by Jennifer Ledbetter, like nothing I have seen before. Check it out here:PIQ Strategy Guide

Uploading Fonts to Crello

To upload fonts in Crello, start a project, then click on files. Along the top row, you will see fonts. Click there and then upload your font.

here is a screenshot of the location:
Screenshot of Crello to add fonts

Now it’s your turn, leave a comment on how you plan to celebrate your next big traffic day.

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  1. Some great suggestions for succeeding in Pinterest! I also manually pin, but haven’t yet reached the success that you have. Maybe I need to do the course you mentioned. 🙂

    • Cheryl, yes it is a great idea. So many have had even greater success than me with using Carly’s Pinterest Strategy. This is just the first month, I can’t wait to see where it leads.


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