How to Make Tall Vertical Images for Pinterest

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Creating Beautiful, Tall, Vertical Pinterest Pins

If you’re checking out this post, then I know you are interested in learning about creating Pins that drive traffic to your blog. There are 3 free image editing applications we can use for this that will look at today.

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I have created pins for Pinterest in each of these applications. For this post I created a sample pin in each application with a short video to show how you can set the custom dimensions and create the image with text overlay.

Crello is my main Pin creating application. At least until recently, the one and only complaint I have with Crello is that it doesn’t offer the option for outline fonts where you can choose both the font main color and outline color. These options are available on Stencil. So I have been playing on Stencil and seeing where it is awesome and where I miss some features that I regularly use on Crello.

I just heard about another graphic editor and it currently has a lifetime deal on AppSumo! PixTeller.

Crello is offering deep discounts on AppSumo too, Check it out here

Making the Images

I often see new bloggers struggling with how to make Pinterest work. They are not seeing the traffic growth that is possible and often times it is because they are not taking the time to learn about Pinterest and applying what works best.

Like me, when we first started, often sharing the same horizontal image for Facebook to Pinterest and other social media. With no text overlay to entice the Pinterest user to Click the Pin. Often not using Pinterest SEO keywords on the pin description, pin title, board description or on your Profile. In not doing so, you are often missing out on the potential blog growth that is available from traffic from Pinterest.

Blog Post by PotPieGirl Pinterest SEO Tips, your description needs to be different everytime you pin your post.

With just a few small changes, your horizontal image, can be turned into a fully optimized Pinterest Pin. If you’ve researched into Pinterest, you will know that that majority of users are women, but that men are signing up more regularly now. With this in mind it is often recommended to use Pinks, Reds, Oranges and warm girly colors, images and fonts. This was difficult for me creating pins for my husband’s blog at first. But, I overcame it and you will too.

You can try out different color palettes and see what does best for your niche, but start with warmer colors then branch out.

If you blog about food or DIY or crafts – make your product the focus of the pin. Show a collage of a few before, during or after photos if you can make it fit. These do great with a photo on top and bottom, split by text overlay in the middle of the pin. Or an image of the finished product. It is still very important to have an enticing title text overlay on the pin. Not just “Brownies”, “Addiction causing, fudge brownies”. Or something along those lines, hopefully that drives the point home.

If you blog about Personal Development, Self-care, Family, Pregnancy, Relationships. Mix things up, use people expressing the emotions and don’t be afraid to use faces — I know I am going against the grain here, but every one of our viral pins has had people expressing the emotion of the blog posts in these niches. Look at some of the big bloggers profiles too, you will see they often use pins that show people and faces.

In Personal Development/Self care you may find blues and some darker colors seem to gain some traction too.

Use cursive fonts SPARINGLY. These are very hard to read and most Pinterest users are on mobile, they are not going to stop scrolling to try to figure out what you are saying, so make sure you have a high quality image and your font is clear and easy to read. Even though cursive looks pretty, if its hard to read people will keep scrolling.

It is hard for some people to read white fonts on dark backgrounds – I’m opposite, I often find this easier. But, I’ve adapted my pins, so that mainly I am using dark fonts with light backgrounds.

Make sure to look at your Pinterest profile and your blog on mobile. When you get real traffic, most times this will be mobile traffic. Unless your target audience really is bloggers. Even then it might still be 50/50.

Your site needs to load quickly on mobile and be easy to navigate. Your pins should be easy to understand, high quality images and concise on mobile that cause the reader to stop and click your pin.

I hope I haven’t scared you off with these tips that are like unspoken rules. But, you know what they say about ‘rules’, rules are meant to be broken. So if you find something that works, that is sending clicks to your site and it is completely opposite of my recommendations, then go with what works for you and your audience.

Some of the tips I recommend are because I broke the rules and it worked in my favor.

Most of us laugh, because sometimes it is our worst, ugly pin from when we were first learning or an off day that takes off. It breaks all the rules yet still sends traffic. So don’t give up and don’t delete your pins, even if you think they are ugly.

Blog Post: by McKenzie Bean Free Blog Stock Photos you can use in creating your Blog, Pinterest & Social Media images.

Making Tall Vertical Clickable Pins in Crello


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How to make tall vertical images for pinterest with Crello

Wondering how the full size image appears when you click to pin an image? See this post for instructions how you can do it too.

Sign up or Login to, on the homepage you’ll see the custom dimensions box to enter your width of 1000px and height of 1500px. Also try out, width 1000px with 2000px height.


After you’ve made your first image on Crello with the dimesions that you want you are able to copy that image and then modify as needed. I use this method to quickly create new pins for several blog posts, once I’m happy with a new design.

Short video on YouTube showing how to make the 1000px x 1500px Tall Vertical Pins for Pinterest.


Making Tall Vertical Clickable Pins in Stencil


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How to make Tall Vertical Images for Pinterest with Stencil

Once you are logged into Stencil, feel free to take the tour if you like. Click on the current image size directly below the canvas and select to create a custom size of width 1000px x height 1500px. Give it a name you’ll remember.

Short video on making pins in Stencil.


Stencil does have a WordPress plugin. Once installed, if you click an image in your blog post, you can edit it in Stencil, then re-save it, allowing you to quickly freshen up your blog post images.

Check out the YouTube Video by Stencil on how it integrates with the WordPress media library.


Making Tall Vertical Clickable Pins in Canva


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How to make Tall Vertical Images for Pinterest with Canva

Once you login to Canva, click on create a design button. Then click on Custom Dimensions to set the width to 1000px and height to 1500px.

After you’ve made a tall, vertical image, you will find it on the page “All Your Designs”, you can click the 3 dots and ‘make a copy’ and modify your copy.

One of the awesome things with Canva is that many bloggers make Canva templates that you can buy, some are offered free. This means you don’t have to know design or even be able to tell what looks great to make your graphics in Canva, and using templates speeds up the design process significantly.

Here is short video on how to create the Tall, Vertical Pins in Canva.


See Kara Fidd from Simplifying DIY Design offers this Free Course on Design Your Blog Growth Challenge She has incredible Pin and graphic designs and walks you through step by step how to create your Pinterest Pins and provides you with some free templates for taking the course.

Yolanda has Editable Templates for Canva for sale $18.00 10 Feminine Pinterest Templates. Use coupon code: WPBlogger_10 for 10% off either DIY 10 Pretty template & DIY 25 Pin Templates.

She is also offering 3 free editable templates

Bringing it all together


So, there you have it. 3 Free applications you can use to create awesome Pinterest Images. But it takes more than great images to bring in the traffic flow from Pinterest.

See this post on setting up your Pinterest Business Account (It’s Free), and Article Rich Pins.

One thing that many Pinterest blog posts & courses originally focused on that is not so important now is setting up Pinterest Board covers. Its really not important since the implementation of the Smart Feed. I do set one pin I like from a board as the “cover”, but I do not spend time designing and making square board covers for my profile. There are better uses for your time.

Note: if you use Pinterest as a hobby/user. Then create a new account that is for Business, it is free and this will allow you to setup your profile niched down to your blog and audience. Make sure to only pin to your business account pins that are on topic or closely related topics. Use your personal Pinterest for fun things you like outside your niche.

To start off or setup a good foundation from where you are at – check out the Free Pinterest Courses offered here on my resources page. I only make recommendations for bloggers I know and trust.
Also copied below for your convenience:

Marina from Blogging for New Blogger’s offers the free course ? Pinterest for New Bloggers to help you get Pinterest setup correctly from the start.

McKinzie Bean from Moms Make Cents offers 5 Days of Free Pinterest Training in her ? Pinterest Primer Course, including optimizing your profile, creating viral pins and more.

Happy Pinning!

PS. These same image editing applications can be used to create custom images for your blog and for all your Social Media needs. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook and Twitter templates. Stencil also shows the safe zones for where your image and text will appear on screen.

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