Help I Can’t get into my WordPress Site

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Recent Plugin Install or Update Broken Your Website?

Have you recently updated or made changes to your Social Warfare or another plugin and now your website is down or broken? If you are using Bluehost as your host here are some steps you can follow to quickly get back online. Steps may be similar for other hosts too.

Note: These same steps can be used for any plugin you add, install or update that breaks your site.

Instructions on Bluehost

  1. Login to Bluehost

  2. Click on My Sites

  3. My Sites Screenshot from Bluehost

  4. Hover over the tile for your website

  5. Click manage site

  6. Manage Site Screenshot from Bluehost My Sites

  7. Click Plugins

  8. Plugins Screenshot

  9. Disable Social Warfare in the plugin list

Look for Social Warfare in the plugin list – I don’t have it installed, but the image shows how you can toggle the plugins on and off.
Toggle Plugins Screenshot

Check that you can access your website again.

Social Sharing

Here are some great lightweight Social Sharing plugins you can use for your website.
Sassy Social Share
Social Pug

Take Regular Backups

Does your host take daily backups for you? If not, you can install a plugin like “Updraft Plus” that you can set to take backups for you on a schedule or manually as needed – like before you make a change to your website. You can save the backup to an FTP on your host or to google drive, which is a great option for offsite backups. Updraft Plus

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