Create Eye-Catching, Traffic Generating Pinterest Video Pins

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Pinterest loves Video Pins! I can tell you that we stopped pinning for more than month and I expected our traffic to drop, but it has continued to hold steady, and even to grow from all the Video Pins we had added to Pinterest in the months before. This is a long game! I am by no means suggesting that you also stop pinning altogether. Find what works best for your Pinterest profile and keep it up.

Easily Create awesome Pinterest Videos with Crello

I have tested several different apps to create Video Pins. AppSumo has awesome deals all the time! I got in the Crello Lifetime deal. Which was a complete steal for us! That deal unfortunately is no longer offered, but you can get in on deep discounts on the Crello Premium.

Crello offers amazing short videos that you can use to create your Video Pins. Set the size to a 1:2 ratio like 1000px width and 2000px height and get started.

Screenshot of Crello Pro Video Pin

Crello is pretty awesome! But I really wish they offered outline fonts and an assortment of font options like squishing the text together. To work around this, I create the text on a transparent background in Google Draw, and then upload that Crello and add the video and crop/edit as needed.

Crello now offers all their premium content to their free users for free for up to 10 downloads per month. So you can try it out and see if it is the right fit for you.

So many options to create Pinterest Videos with InVideo

I also got a great deal on Appsumo for InVideo

InVideo offers an advanced video editor and lots of premium and free video clips for creating the perfect Pinterest Video Pin for your audience.

Screenshot of Invideo Video Editor

A few other online video editors:
Canva you can get started for free in Canva, but in order to remove the watermarks you’ll need to purchase the video clips.

Easy ways to get Started

Do you have a template you use on Pinterest or some Standard Photo Pinterest Pins that you just love!

What you can do is upload your existing Pinterest Pin to one of the online editors add a video clip!

Both Crello and InVideo allow you upload your own video files. So if you have a step-by-step quick video for a Food Pin or a Craft pin, then what you can do is upload a short summary video and add it to your existing Pin. I suggest a summary video so that the viewers need to visit your site to get the full steps.

What I do is delete the main photo on the pin and set the background to transparent, and then upload a copy to Crello or InVideo and add the video in the spot where the main photo was. Super quick and easy!

This is a super easy way to do A/B testing on your pins by adding different video clips to similar pin designs or the same video to different pins.

Upload your Video Pin to Pinterest

When you upload your Pinterest Video Pin you will have the option to add tags for the categories your pin fits, select as many categories that fit your pin as possible to reach the most viewers.

Add a eye-catching title, a good description and the link to the blog post and you are ready to go!

Screenshot adding Pin to Pinterest

That’s it. Now, rinse and repeat. But, don’t go overboard. Add 1 – 5 Video Pins per day for your blog posts.

Once Pinterest reviews your Pinterest Video it will be live for viewers to pin and save and potentially generate traffic to your website.

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