Adding a Featured Image in WordPress

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This blog post is intended for those who are fairly new to WordPress. To show how you can add images to your blog posts, pages and upload images for your theme.

I am using the Free CuteWP Theme and I have setup my own child theme to save any changes I want to apply.

Here is a quick video I put together of adding images to your post in WordPress

Below the video are instructions with Screenshots as well.


  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Screenshot of the wordpress dashboard

  3. Click on Posts on the Side Menu
  4. Screenshot of clicking on posts

  5. Click on New Post (or you can edit an existing post)
  6. screenshot of add new post or edit

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look on the right side for the words, Featured Image
  8. Featured Image Holder

    Note: if you do not see “Featured Image” at the bottom right of the screen (or anywhere else on screen), then scroll to the top of the page and click on “Screen Options”.
    Screenshot of Screen Options Button

    and make sure “Featured Image” has a checkmark.
    Featured Image Checked in Screen Options

  9. Click the link that says “Set Featured Image”
  10. Set Featured Image link

  11. You will see your available media library images, these are two of my images from this is the most affordable Stock Photos I have found.
  12. Media Library Opens Up with Available Images

  13. Or you can upload pictures
  14. You Can Choose to Upload a new image

  15. Once you’ve decided on an image, click Set Featured Image button
  16. Then Click Set Featured Image



  17. This screenshot shows the Post Title, Body of the Post, and you have the option to “Save Draft”, “Preview” or “Publish” your post.
  18. Set Title Post and save draft or publish

    I hope that helps to get you started.

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  1. Tara was a such as huge help to me! Being a new WordPress user, I did not understand much of the technical things about it. My images were not posting, and to me, it took a rocket scientist to figure it out. Well, Tara’s my rocket scientist! She corrected the problem quickly and professionally.


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