About me, in Pink writing with a flat lay of flowers, a keyboard, teapot and pink donut

My name is Tara, and I built this site to help other WordPress bloggers to build their site, with the knowledge I have gained in working in WordPress, helping my husband and our daughter with their blogs. I have worked in IT for over 15 years, starting with supporting home users remotely over remote screen sharing to solve their home computer issues. In that first job I helped people all around world from our humble home in Terrace, BC. However, most customers were in the US and Canada.

Way back then I was building websites all from code on an Ubuntu server and continued to expand into the world of Windows Servers. Fast forward 10 plus years and here I am, in love with WordPress and a strong desire to help you! Build your website, get your blog up and running, make changes to your theme to make it look more the way you want, add or remove features. Speed up your website. Where to get the best help for on and off page SEO.

I look forward to helping you whether you need to adjust the CSS code on your site, make a few changes to get your site to load faster or just learning some new blogging tips and tricks. I love to share my knowledge and see others succeed.